Osmium Sales Process

Osmium Sales Process

The most important function is the activation for sale. If you are thinking about selling your osmium, you can use the OCC to indicate your intention to sell simply by ticking a box.

If your code is then searched for online, prospective buyers are notified of your intention to sell. Interested buyers will be able to write to you anonymously using the tool.

In addition, your osmium will also be listed for trading partners of the Osmium-Institutes. Trading partners are able to search online for osmium pieces which are available for sale by private individuals.



Sitz der Gesellschaft: Bodenschneidstraße 23a, 82031 Grünwald
Accounting: Höllriegelskreuther Weg 2, 82065 Baierbrunn
Showroom: Am Mösl 41, 82418 Murnau


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Osmium Sales Process