Possessor or owner

Possessor or owner

Definition of possession and ownership:

The possessor is the person or institution holding the goods in his or her hands, but has only received them on consignment. The possessor holds the goods only temporarily for processing, storage or sale.

On the other hand, the owner is the person or institution having all rights to the goods. The owner has purchased the goods and paid for them. He or she is usually also in possession of the goods and can transfer possession to third parties.


New things you can do:

  1. You can change the possessor of goods which you own at any time. If you transfer the goods to a broker or a manufacturer, you can enter this in the database and change it at any time. It is possible to do multiple changes since the possessor may change more than once. If the goods are both in your ownership and possession, please register yourself as possessor.

  2. In the event of a sale, you are able to transfer ownership of the goods once and irrevocably to another owner. If you do this, your Owner Change Code (OCC) will be rendered invalid. The new owner receives a new OCC at his or her specified email address. If you are in doubt, please contact our hotline: +49 (89) 744 88 88 88.

Please note that due to the country-specific holding periods for tax exemptions, capital gains realized upon the sale of osmium may result in tax liabilities. It is your duty to keep the competent authorities, e.g. the taxation office, informed of your transactions in due course.



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