Certification process

Certification process

All our osmium products undergo a defined authentication process and are delivered together with a certificate of authenticity issued by the Osmium-Institute Germany, headquartered in Baierbrunn, Germany.

Osmium is crystallized exclusively in Switzerland. All first deliveries go to Germany, where the Osmium-Institute Germany authenticates every single osmium piece with a certificate. Every certificate bears a unique identifier, the Osmium Identification Code (OIC).

The OIC contains a combination of letters and numbers, for example K - LM3D - T93G, and is structured as follows: The first letter refers to the article number (K in the above example represents an osmium disk), whereas the following fields are randomly generated by the system.

Parties involved in the osmium trade, including customs authorities, jewelers, wholesalers and private individuals, use the Osmium Identification Code to verify the supplied certificates. The certificates can be accessed online any time and downloaded as PDF file. Information such as dimensions, weight, price and high-resolution photographs can only be accessed by entering a valid OIC.

The Osmium Identification Code provides a secure method to protect and ensure authenticity for both sellers and buyers of osmium: Sellers can be assured of an accurate sale price, just as buyers are assured of the certification and authenticity of their osmium piece.



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Certification process