OIC for Jewelers

OIC for Jewelers

We kindly request jewelers who work osmium pieces into jewelry to use this website to generate their own Osmium Identification Code that will be associated with the resulting osmium jewelry piece.

Since osmium should not be moved or sold across borders without the OIC, it is necessary to create an OIC for finished osmium jewelry pieces.

Each jeweler needs to be registered as a jeweler to create an OIC on the platform. As part of this process, the jeweler is granted the status of a wholesale partner. This status comes with entitlements to significant rebates when purchasing osmium. Further information can be found at www.osmium-jewelry.com and www.osmium-sales.com.

TThis registration is without obligations and can be done at www.osmium-onboarding.com.

After successful registration, jewelers or jewelry manufacturers can register with their login on www.osmium-identification-code.com, now having the authority to combine several osmium pieces into one single osmium jewelry piece.

As a jewelry manufacturer you are now able to combine several osmium pieces into one piece of jewelry. As this new piece also contains other materials such as platinum, silver, gold or other gemstones, jewelers can specify their own sales price here. This results in generating a new superordinate code that applies to the piece of jewelry and comprises all included osmium pieces.

Should a piece of jewellery be split again in the future, the original OICs will continue to apply to the individual parts. In this case, the superior code will be deleted by an Osmium-Institute upon request.


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OIC for Jewelers