Lost code

Lost code

If you have lost your Osmium Identification Code (OIC) or the Owner Change Code (OCC), please follow the steps as detailed below:

Owner Change Code lost:

Please enter your Osmium Identification Code (OIC) in the field above and click on "Assign new Owner Change Code". A new OCC will be sent to your email address.

Osmium Identification Code lost:

Please contact your nearest Osmium-Institute. It may be possible for us to retrieve your OIC based on information on ownership and possession. Please send us a high-resolution photograph of your osmium piece via email to oic@osmium-institute.com. Please provide us with as much additional information as possible, for example previous owners or contact details including telephone numbers or email addresses.

If we can retrieve your OIC, we will inform you via email. If your OIC cannot be retrieved, your osmium piece requires re-certification to obtain a new OIC. The certification body charges a fee of 70 Euros for this service.


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Lost code