Sell osmium

Sell osmium

Do you own osmium and think about selling?

There are a number of ways to sell osmium on the international market. Selling directly to a local jeweler is probably the most straightforward option. You can see the respective current price by entering the Osmium Identification Code (OIC) online. You can show this price also to the jeweler or private customer.

If you want to sell through a retailer, please enter all codes that should be set to "for sale" in the field above. Then set the products to the new status with a simple click.

If you wish to sell through a trading partner, please enter all codes that should be tagged as "For sale" in the field above and confirm your choice.

As soon as you change the status to "For sale", you authorize the transfer of your contact information to our sales partners.

With the exception of our trading partners, no one will see that you intend to sell. If a trading partner has identified a customer for your osmium, you will be contacted directly.

Purchase enquiries from private individuals:

If someone has received the OIC of your osmium piece because you have activated the "For sale" option, this person has the possibility to send you a message using the OIC, indicating the intention to buy.

This message can only be entered into the database. Your contact details will not be passed on in this case. You will receive an email from an Osmium-Institute which may contain the message. Please verify that this email comes from an Osmium-Institute before taking any action to prevent phishing.

In this case you can then contact the potential buyer if you are still interested to sell.


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Sell osmium