The issuing of Osmium Identification Codes (OIC) is a process which has been designed to increase trade security and facilitate cooperation with customs authorities.

With the photographic documentation of the osmium surface and relating this information in the osmium database to the assigned OIC, certificates can be retrieved easily online. This can be done on all websites of jewelers or institutes that have included the OIC as an i-frame.

If your osmium was purchased in Switzerland or Germany before the introduction of this process, we kindly request you to conduct a post-certification. This process is offered internationally by all Osmium-Institutes and is free of charge.
If photos of your osmium pieces are still available in our archives, a high-resolution photograph of your piece is sufficient for post-certification. Please send it together with your contact information to oic@osmium-institute.com .

If you do not have any information, the actual osmium piece needs to undergo the certification process. You are welcome to visit us at one of the certification centers associated with the Osmium-Institutes or send the goods insured to the Osmium-Institute Germany. You can find the address in the imprint /legal notice of this website.

The osmium then undergoes the same certification process as newly crystallized osmium.


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